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The Guillaume Bordier Company at the Chapelle Sainte-Anne

The Guillaume Bordier Company presented a choreographic performance at the Chappelle Sainte-Anne in Tours during the ‘Animality’ exhibition.

Richard Laillier, scenographer for the Guillaume Bordier Company and graphic artist was one of the 23 artists invited by the Sainte-Anne Chapel in Tours to exhibit his works based on the theme of ‘Animality’ from the 7th to the 13th of May, 2012.

On Saturday 5th of May, 2012, in this extraordinary space for contemporary artistic expression Guillaume Bordier, dancer and choreographer and Isabelle Horvitz, dancer with the company, gave three performances for visitors to the exhibition.

Based on a musical composition created from a sound by La Monte Young, Kodo drumming and a contemporary cello piece composed by Vladimir Godar, Guillaume Bordier and Isabelle Horovitz presented 15 minutes of choreography. This performance was the result of an instinctive and organic movement used to portray animality, transformed by the sensitivity and humanism of the dancers, sublimated by Richard Laillier’s scenography and enriched by the strength of the works of art that made up the exhibition, in particular the immense painting by Vladimir Velickovic.

The Guillaume Bordier Company would like to thank Annie and Christian Charisson-Cantaloube for their initiative and their hospitality.